Call for Scholarly Proposals
This year Sans Souci Festival is proud to announce its first call for scholarly proposals on the topic of "Dance Cinema / Media."
We're interested in a broad range of topics that investigates dance cinema and/or the intersection of dance and cinema. Examples of this intersection could include: discussion of the history of dance cinema and how it is changing, dance for camera the ever-evolving technology behind the scenes, the advancement of YouTube and its relation to dance for the camera, the interplay of reality TV dance competitions and proscenium stage expectations, dance for camera audiences, the use of animation and special effects, and so on.
We encourage you to submit a wide range of proposals: research papers, panels, lecture-demonstrations, roundtable discussions, and so on.
The deadline for proposal submission is extended to May 21, 2010.
Proposal Formats
Individual paper for a panel: 20 minutes per paper presentation in a panel with 3 papers and a discussant
Panel: 60 minutes for all presentations plus 20 minutes for a response with 3 papers and a discussant
Other: Please describe format and time frame. Maximum duration is 60 minutes including setup, wrap up, and breakdown.
If you have questions, contact Stephanie.
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